Hyundai Brings New Performance Concepts to SEMA

 SEMA is a yearly show dedicated to showcasing all sorts of specialty equipment. For automakers, that typically translates to “cool modified cars.” Hyundai is stepping up its game by bringing a variety of new performance concepts to the table that’s sure to wow fans with futuristic gadgets and top-of-the-line power and performance capabilities. The show will see the debut of four new vehicles from Hyundai.

The lineup will include the “race-ready” Gurnade Veloster, fitted with tons of slick, sporty design cues inspired by the track, such as a rear wing and side skirts, in addition to an overhauled powertrain. A 1,000-HP Santa Fe is also ready to roll, titled the “Santa Fast,” and another Santa Fe concept will debut with massive off-road tires and powered by nitrous. Last but not least is a joint project between Hyundai and ARK Performance, the ARK Road Racer Elantra, which features performance-focused powertrain options and sleek style.

The new performance concepts from Hyundai will likely be all in good fun, with no chance of the vehicles seeing the light of day outside of SEMA, but the show will be a great place for fans of modified and outlandishly striking vehicles to check out these cool concepts up close and personal.

Hyundai Veloster at SEMA 2016

Hyundai Veloster appearing at SEMA 2016

By Kolin Toney (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Flickr

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