Hyundai KONA Concept Car Details

In today’s automotive market, one thing that’s extremely important for manufacturers is creating a top-notch crossover. Crossovers have become perhaps the most popular segment for today’s  consumers, filling that perfect middle ground between practical, efficient cars and capable, versatile SUVs.


Hyundai KONA

The All-New Hyundai Kona Teaser Photo


Where Hyundai is concerned, the perfect crossover is yet to come. Having a lineup known primarily for its reliable and well-designed SUVs, Hyundai is still working to debut a crossover that will be equally impressive to consumers. Enter the Hyundai KONA concept car.


The KONA takes its name from the district in Hawaii. This location-driven inspiration is not unusual for Hyundai, who often uses the association with places as a way to add to the image of the vehicle. Kona, in particular, is a favorite spot in the North Pacific for adventurous activities like surfing, scuba diving, and other extreme sports. Since the Hyundai KONA is built to act as a capable, versatile adventure-mobile, it’s the perfect name for this upcoming crossover SUV.


There aren’t many details out yet about the Hyundai KONA, but it’s expected to have a slim body and features up to the Hyundai standards, which would make it a strong contender in the crossover segment. We look forward to having the new KONA at Route 44 Hyundai and to seeing how it fits in with the Tucson and Sante Fe.

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